December 15, 2013

Snowed In and Holidays Around the World

Every year we get a Charlie Brown tree.  I know it really doesn't fit the description but to me it qualifies as one because it's small.

Since we live in Maine it would be more exciting to tell a tale of my husband waking up before the crack of dawn, putting on his flannel, LL Bean boots, and carrying his axe into the woods but that's not the case.  He found this little gem just down the road.  He always drags it in and all I have to do is decorate it!!

Last night, as I waited for the MONSTROUS storm to arrive the tree was decorated and this little peeved off elf stood under it for a pic. After about 15 attempts with her continually taking off the hat I did manage one.

This morning I was shoveling the walkway at 6 am and even convinced myself it would just be a dusting.  Today's the PERFECT day to sit with a cup of coffee and catch up on blogging.  

We've been learning A LOT about traditions around the world.  If you haven't checked out Sara Cooley's Christmas Around the World Scrapbook you need to!  This has been one of the best purchases I've made and the kiddos absolutely LOVE this unit.

Students learned what a tradition is and we brainstormed traditions we had.  As we've traveled I've used Google Earth to show where each place is.  So far we've learned about the United States...


Students even tried to break open a piñata.  They have muscles but it wasn't as easy as they thought!


Teg is from Ethiopia.  His mom came in on Friday and they taught us about their traditions.  Teg also came to school dressed in traditional clothing.  He shared all he knew!!  Kids listened to music, learned words, songs, and dance moves.  They even tried popcorn that had spices used there.  The class learned that Teg even drank coffee as an infant!!

Thanks so much Shannon and Teg for teaching us about your traditions and culture!

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