March 7, 2014

And the Academy Awards for "Best Pirates" Goes To...

Our class has been completely consumed with PIRATES.  We've read many read alouds, completed Character Maps, a Pros and Cons List, planned, and wrote a class book.

This week I heard so many comments about how much fun this was and how they LOVED writing.  I was able to take a moment to reflect and realized these are the experiences kiddos need.  To work together, plan, listen to other ideas, and create.  Of course I still taught my mini-lessons before we wrote but they also learned SO much from each other.

Here's the class story the students planned and illustrated.  Click on the picture to enlarge

For the last two days students have also been finding pirate items in our classroom.  Oh my!!  This was to get them excited for our treasure hunt.  We complete map work in first grade so this is such a FUN way to incorporate the compass rose and following directions.  Here are some items they found in our room.

Pirate map, coins, gems, and a parrot that really made noises

We had 4 maps to follow today.  One lead us to the office where we were, COMPLETELY STUNNED to learn that our principals are REAL pirates.  I feel they definitely win the Academy Award because every year they give 100%.  They had the pirate clothes (Mr. Cyr had two lovely gold earrings), pirate talk, and even the personality.  Some students didn't know how to react.

My class was able to overtake them (even though those pirates put up a good fight) and they got the treasure!  A huge thank you to Ms. Tuell and Mr. Cyr.  Your faces in these pics had me cracking up!

Today was also Winter Wellness Day.  What a fun packed day!!

We began the day with an assembly and healthy snack.  Students went on the bike path and put some food out for the animals.

In the afternoon we walked over to the YMCA where some physical activities had been planned.  Students did Boot Camp and used the parachute.

I tried to tire them out.  I hope your firstie came home exhausted from today!

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  1. Your pirate unit totally inspires me. I need to do more whole class writing. Thanks!

    First in Maine