March 24, 2014

In Summer with Olaf

After reading Tammy's post, In Summer, (Forever in First) I knew I had to do something with Olaf!!  Frozen has been the rage in my class and kids are often humming or singing the songs from the movie.

Today, I showed the kids the video (In Summer Video) and of course we watched it more than once!!  After the song I had kids create their own.  This wasn't a guided drawing.  I quickly sketched the shapes and told them to go for it.

I wanted them to also create some writing with their art so I decided to add flowers.  On the stem they wrote, "In summer I like..."  On each petal they had to write one thing they liked about summer and in the center they had to decorate their names.

All I did was add the grass to our lobby wall and I let them create. They added their Olafs and flowers to create this ADORABLE art.

All day I was continually saying..."In summer I like..."  HmmMmm, hoping summer arrives soon (or at least the warmer temperatures). Looks like we might be getting another winter storm.  Blah, I've had enough already.

At least this brightened up our day.

Click to enlarge.

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  1. Thank you the shout out! Olaf is too cute and I love what you and your kids did with him.