September 18, 2014

Even Teachers Use Magic Tape and Lose Their Voice the Second Week of School

So this post is about apples but the title is fitting.  I noticed after taking a picture of our apple poster that I spelled the word "learned" wrong.  Geesh, guess it's been a long week.  I was ready to post last night when I noticed I had spelled it "learnded."  It's a GOOD thing Magic Tape was invented for teachers like me!!

We completed a KWL Chart (Magic Tape included) and wrote what we knew about apples. They also wrote, "I wonders."

Next diagrams.  I ABSOLUTELY love doing this every year because I like seeing their reactions when I say they can't use scissors!!   Instead they have to tear the paper.  Once they finished their apples I added mailing labels and they labeled the parts.  Look how unique each one is.

Click to enlarge.
We also conducted an experiment and discussed how scientists are always asking questions.  Our question was, "Do all apples have the same amount of seeds?"

Working with a partner, they found, counting, and glued their seeds onto an apple.  We met as a group and went over the results.

Nothing like Magic Tape to fix my spelling mistake!

Next week we'll be having our apple taste test.  Please send in items September 26th.   Thanks to all that could help out!!

I've also been trying to rest my voice.  I always seem to lose it at some point during the year but this is just too early!!  Plus, I don't really think this husky voice suits me!!

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