September 18, 2014

Writer's Workshop this Week

We've really taken off with Writer's Workshop this week.  We've been working on Opinion Writing but my mini-lessons have focused on capitalization and ending punctuation.

I read Mean Jean the Recess Queen.  If you haven't checked it out you should!  It fits in perfectly at the beginning of the year and leads to discussions about bullying.

Our question was, "Would you be friends with Mean Jean?"  Students talked and turned with a buddy.   We listed reasons on chart paper and then I checked in to see if anyone changed their opinion.

I ALWAYS get one student who decides to be her friend.  Who wouldn't want to teach Mean Jean how to be nice?  I know it would have to be someone brave.

As I mentioned before my Writer's Workshop starts slow.  We really focus on illustrations and how to draw.  I love hearing them "Rate their Picture" now.  Students give great reasons on why they feel they're a 1, 2, 3, or 4.

After Quiet 10 (where they illustrate), we meet back on the rug to share our pictures.

Next up...LOTS of modeling.  I talk through my writing and they help me write my sentences.  We stretch out words (I really do know how to spell would) and underline words they should know how to spell.

Then it's their turn to practice!!

I also shared the BIG book, The Four Seasons.

We brainstormed what they liked to do in each season.  After turning and talking, they illustrated, and I modeled with my writing.  Then they were off to practice.

Hopefully I'll get to cleaning this board tomorrow!!  Click to enlarge.
To end the week I read, I Wanna Iguana.  Again, we brainstormed a list and followed the Workshop Model.

Here's my example.  I had one student pick right up on my dialogue and started laughing about what I wrote.

Here are a few examples.

Click to enlarge.
Next week I'll give them a challenge...  Can you write 2 reasons why?

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