September 2, 2014

First Day Success

EeeKkk!!  We made it through the day.  I must say I didn't look at the clock once until I realized it was almost lunch time.  That's how fast our morning went by.  Even my students couldn't believe how fast the day flew by.

We spent the morning going over expectations (No David books are a MUST to read) and settling into new routines/schedules.

We read First Day Jitters, read our Jitter Juice Poem, and even tried some to settle those nerves.  They couldn't believe I was even nervous on the first day of school!

We also worked with our names and made portraits.  As you can see I have no more photos of the activities we completed because I just couldn't keep up with the day!!

I do have these ADORABLE pics to share of their first day in first grade!!

Rest up and I'll see you tomorrow!!

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