October 10, 2014

A Look at Our Week

We've been quite busy this week!!

Students wrote informational books about Squirrels, made dreys and compared a real squirrel to Scaredy Squirrel.  The kids have LOVED these stories.

We also focused on pumpkins.  We completed the life cycle, wrote "How to Carve a Pumpkin," and completed an experiment.  Pumpkin Jack will be hanging out in our room for a few days.  Kids will be observing what happens as the days pass.  I'm hoping he doesn't get too stinky!  They also planted pumpkin seeds and are making observations.

We met up with firefighters this week.  After talking to our class they took us outside to look at the fire truck.

To finish up the week we painted some SILLY pumpkins.  I did this for the first time last year and ABSOLUTELY loved how they turned out. Students used a white oil pastel to outline the pumpkin and draw the lines.  They used red, orange, and yellow paint.  Once dried, they added silly faces.  They're now hanging in our lobby to greet visitors.  

Click to enlarge.

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