October 22, 2014

Creepy or Cute? What's your Opinion?

This week we've been working with creepy, crawly spiders!!

We focused on Black Widow spiders and Tarantulas.  They completed an informational book, writing about the new information they learned.  Students also made spiders and weaved webs.  They're now hanging around our room.  Perfect for this time of year!!

We also completed Opinion Writing about spiders.  Students brainstormed reasons they like or don't like them.  Here are some examples.  Their challenge this week was to write TWO reasons!!

Our last two pumpkins went home!!  

There has been a joke in our class about the baby pumpkin always crying.  I've been telling the class that whoever wins it CAN'T bring it back if it's crying all night.  I'm sure CJ will take PERFECT care of her.

Students have been leaving messages on the board for me.  They've been trying to scare me this month, which is quite fitting with Halloween right around the corner!  Today, they told me to look under the papers on the board.  In huge letters they wrote, "BOO!"  I just can't wait to see what they do next to scare me.

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