October 16, 2014

Reading Groups

Reading groups have been up and running for a few weeks now. Please take the time to read with your child each night.  It's important for him/her to practice the book sent home.  This will help to improve his/her reading and build fluency.

I'm taking a Literacy Processing course this year, am working one on one with a student for 30 minutes everyday, and am learning so much.  I'm trying to meet with three groups everyday.  We spend the first day completing word work activities, do a book walk through, and read together.  The next day we complete writing about our story.

I REALLY enjoy this time because I can work one on one with students on specific skills.

Today, Donna told me she LOVED reading group time, especially our writing days.  I let them generate their own sentence today and this is what she wrote.  The group was VERY impressed with her illustration so I had to snap a picture to share with you!

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