December 7, 2014

Fa...La...La...La...La...It's that Time of Year Again

I love this time of year!!  Decorating the classroom, playing holiday music, and beginning our Holidays Around the World unit.  I use Sarah Cooley's amazing scrapbook (Christmas Around the World).  The kids love it every year.

We began in the good ol' US of A!  After reading, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, we listed traditions we did each year.  At the top of the list was decorating a tree.

So of course I cut and made a Christmas tree for the class to decorate.  We completed interactive writing where they had to list the steps.  I also introduced sequencing words and we used them in our writing.  Here's how our tree turned out!

The worksheets are FREEBIES at my TpT Store (Holiday FREEBIES).

We also made some special reindeer food to put out on Christmas Eve.

Then this little guy showed up for when we learn about Mexico.  Now, you SHOULD all know this is Olaf!!  My class is just a tad bit obsessed with the movie and songs.  When a song comes on, at times, we even stop and sing along. 

Of course all I heard from the class were shrieks of excitement but from me all I could say in a small voice was, "Oh no, not Olaf!"  

I mean, a piñata!!  You know what happens to a pinata.  Well, what will happen to our Olaf.  He just loves hugs.

I thought the class would be upset, somewhat distraught, and overly concerned with this fate but I saw the crazed look in their eyes!  Every time I see him I begin singing, "Do you want to hit a snowman?"  Sad, I know!!

I plan on trying to save him next week (jokingly, of course).  Each day I'm going to place a little note on him.

Stay tuned for more pictures next week.

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