December 9, 2014

Off to Sweden we Go

'God Jul!"  That's Happy/Merry Christmas in Swedish!

We were jet setters today and traveled to Sweden.  I always use Google Earth to show our place in the world and where we travel to. Plus, what kid doesn't LOVE putting out their arms and pretending to fly?

Students learned that one of the biggest holidays there is St. Lucia's Day on December 13th.  St. Lucia was a girl who delivered food.  She wore candles on her head so she could see.

Today, on St. Lucia day, the oldest girl in the family dresses in all white.  She puts on a wreath of Evergreen with 7 lighted candles.  She carries coffee and buns to her family in their rooms.

We also learned that presents are brought my Tomte, a Christmas gnome.  He is pulled in a sled by goats!!  People put out a bowl of porridge for him.

Olivia was the one to deliver the cinnamon buns.  Of course I told the class, after the fact, I was the oldest and should've delivered the cocoa and buns to them!!

Here we are sampling cinnamon buns and hot cocoa.

And in other news...

Here's Olaf.  He's still in one piece.  I've added tears, a puddle, a tissue, and a note asking students, "Do you really want to hit a snowman?"  Of course more notes from students have begun popping up.  His days are numbered!!

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