December 11, 2014

Let it Goooo...Let it Goooo...

TODAY was the day.  The kids were ready.  Olaf was NOT!!

We met up with Ms. Woodin's class in the gym to hit our pinatas.  The kids were so excited to see who would crack the piñata first.

Here are the before pics (click to enlarge).

Then the CONTROLLED chaos began and the kids were ready to take a swing or two!

Or three...

When suddenly, it happened.

Here I am holding what's left of Olaf with Ms. Woodin.  Yes, that is an Elsa hat that I made, braid and all!  It's for a bigger project later next week (so check back) but was SO fitting to wear for this event.

Of course once the girls saw me wearing this they all, at that very moment, needed their own.  So yes, I began braiding yarn for them.  I have about 9 more to make at snack time tomorrow.  Possibly a second career?

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