February 13, 2016

Designing and Building Animal Beds

On Friday, students began building their animal beds.  After reading a variety of books on animal homes, students designed a bed.  The animals were narrowed down to hamster, bear, snake, or bird.

After picking their animal they made their design and listed materials they'd need.

Today was the perfect day to let them have a go at it.  With vacation break just hours away this kept them engaged and focused.

I gave them little direction on how to make each bed.  I told them they needed to follow their design and add the materials they needed to create the best bed for their animal.

Here's there work!!


After break students will be reflecting on their designs.  They'll work in groups, discussing improvements they can make, and share how that improvement will better their bed.

I've also included these worksheets at my TpT Store for FREE (Designing and Building Animal Beds FREEBIE).

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