February 9, 2016

Designing an Animal Bed

Part of our new science curriculum has students designing and building.  We've been trying out some units and gathering materials.

One unit we've been trying out is learning about different types of animal beds.  Our focus is animals during winter and what they need in order to survive.

I read the book below.

Our animal list was narrowed down to hamster, snake, bear, and bird. Students first made a bulleted list of what each animal might need.  

Then they chose the animal they were most interested in and wanted to design a bed for.  They created their plan and listed materials they'd need.

We'll be going out on the bike path to collect items.  They'll create their animal home, write what worked, make improvements, and reflect on how it was the best bed.  

I'll be adding these sheets as a FREEBIE to my TpT Store once they're all created.

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