January 18, 2017

Bears...OH MY!

We spent the week learning about different types of bears.  I also add in koala bears because most kids think they're bears too!  Instead, they learned they're marsupials.

We recorded our schema, new facts, and important information about each type.

Today, we switched up our morning plans (because we're flexible) and created some art!  Of course this art involved learning too but they didn't see it that way.  They were just so excited to NOT have morning work.  I even heard today was the best day.  I thought everyday was?!

Students had to pick just one, which was a tough choice.  I had already hot glued the paper bowls onto the plates so we began by painting.  Once painted they added the face, cotton balls, or tissue paper to complete their work.

As you can see panda bears and polar bears were the most popular!
We let them dry and in the afternoon students worked in groups to make a background, add a title, and each had to add one fact.

I think they're adorable and they look amazing hanging up in the lobby.

Ask your child to share some new facts about bears!

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