January 2, 2017

Holiday Work

We learned about traditions around the world.  We traveled to countries by using Google Earth and learned about different traditions.

Here are some pics.

Holiday Crackers
We went to the gym with Mrs. Everett's class to take a swing at our piñata.  The kids were so excited and it didn't take long for the piñata to be torn apart.

Students shared their opinions on which tradition was their favorite.

We also thought about Santa and what he'd ask for at Christmastime.

Students have learned all of the reading comprehension strategies.  After reading, Little Santa, I asked students to respond in their Reader's Notebooks.  They were able to choose among the strategies to create a response.

Here's what some came up with.

I also read, The Littlest Elf, and students wrote their opinion on if they'd want to be a toymaker, book maker, or baker.

Working in groups they created their very own toyshop, bookmaker shop, and baker's kitchen.

I hope all of you had a restful, fun filled break.  I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

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