May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Crafts

OH MY!!  I feel like my head is spinning around and around.  Assessments, grading, crafts...AND OH the rain this week hasn't helped.  The kiddos are restless and so am I!

Now, if you have a student in my room and you don't want to know what we did for Mother's Day this is your time to look away!!  This is a sneak peek into what we're making.

I decided to make the tins again.  I came up with this idea last year and the kids loved it.  If you go to crafts you can get a more detailed post of what I did.  They wrote The Top 5 Reasons they Loved Mom.  Students added the sentences to their tins and decorated the top with a pic and gems.

We also made bookmarks, which I found from another blog.

I decided to do thumbprints too.  I baked them and they painted them a metallic silver today.  I think they came out pretty cute.

Here are a few examples of their work.

They'll be wrapped up and sent home on Friday!!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

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