May 16, 2012

Our New Arrivals

Here's what I saw this morning.  So exciting.  Our little guy from yesterday hasn't hatched yet but I'm hoping he will today!

OhHhhhh, and here's our new little arrival this morning.  He hatched during the night!

And the most important part....THE NAME.  A name has already been picked for the little one still inside the egg.  Mrs. Paradis, our ed tech, had the honor and came up with Patti (everyone should name a chick...especially the first you've watched hatch)!

The best part, I'll continue the tradition of putting one in a box.  Last year all I had was a fry box but this year we'll be adding Patti to a McChicken box for a candid pic!

Finally Patti makes it out of the egg!


  1. Sooooo EXCITING!!

  2. I am so excited that you posted already! I was waiting to see. Want to know something funny? My Ed Tech is also Mrs. Paradis!

    First in Maine

    1. That's a riot!! Wait till I tell my ed tech.