May 16, 2012

Our Babies

Here are a few more pics.  I just can't put my camera down!! We're so proud of these little ones.


  1. How sweet? Are you going to have the kids name them? I used to do this with my class and they always came up with names that match their appearance. What fun!

  2. OMG, they are ALMOST as cute as MY
    I have one I call Baby, she had my heart after she hatched and we didn't think she'd make it. BUT she DID!!!! She has such pale yellow feathers she is almost white. I just LOVE her! I can hold her for over an hour and she stays sound asleep...PRECIOUS!

  3. Aww, they are too cute! Love the coloring of the black and yellow one! Our little sweeties went off to the farm today and the kids cried :( I just love raising chicks in the classroom!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten