May 29, 2012

Organization That Has Worked For Me

Some of you have been posting what works for you in your classroom to keep you organized so I thought  I'd share too.  Here are a few things that have really helped me!!

The first item is for my Daily 5 storage.  I found the shelf and bins at Target.  I have my Daily 5 activities in gallon zip lock bags.  This is also where I keep two laptops with Bookflix for the kids.

The labels have fallen off but will be back on!
I found this at Target and LOVE it!  I had to order it online and it was a tad expensive but it has worked so well in my class.  I store all of my guided reading supplies here.  Each drawer holds my reading group lessons.  I also store markers, tape, wipe off boards, alphabet letters, etc here.  It's right behind my jelly bean table (yes I call it that).

Behind my desk I have boxes that store materials I need for the upcoming weeks.  Each one is labeled with a subject.  This is where all of my photocopies for the upcoming weeks go.

It's a bit messy but it's the end of the year!
On my door I have this pocket chart that I got at Really Good Stuff.  This is where I keep my math, spelling, and word work lessons.  I also keep the kids science notebooks here.  It's easy for them to grab their work.

Next books for each theme.  I put my books in labeled white bins.  It's easy to just grab the bin and put the books out for the kids to browse.

I dislike filing cabinets!!  I just find they don't work for me and I've always LOVED binders.  I have binders for each month with the themes labeled on the side.  SO much easier!

I've been told I'm some what obsessed with binders!

For Daily 5 I was looking for an easy way to collect papers.  I wanted to find a way so the kiddos weren't up and walking around to hand in papers while  I was in a reading group.  Each bin has a done folder.

Last but not least, I bought these to store writing supplies the kids would use on a regular basis.  They know right where to go when they need something!


  1. I really like your organizational ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I saw your post and decided to do one too!