September 5, 2012

A New Year

Whoa, what a whirlwind of a week and it's not even Friday!

I have 18 first graders.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot but I had to add more mats to our meeting place so they could all sit comfortably!  Haha.  I always remember what they are like at the end of the year (almost second graders) and when I start all over again I quickly remember they're busy little kids.

Look at these faces.  "ROAR!!"  They didn't even need to practice to make these scary lion faces!  I think they're quite adorable and they bring a smile to my face every time I look at them.

Here's what we've been up to.  We've been working with our names this week.  We've worked with ABC order, syllables, and vowels.  Today I read the book below.  I can admit it...I'm too tired to type the title.  The kids loved it.

We counted how many letters in her name.  Would you believe 56?!!  After counting, the kids graphed how many letters in their names.  Of course I forgot to take a pic of our poster.  Check out my TpT Store to get a copy of a FREE worksheet to go along with this read aloud.

We also started our Special Person of the Day.  Today, we interviewed Jacob!  I made each student a special poster with his/her name on it this summer.

And...last but not least.  We've been practicing Read to Self. Kindergarten began Daily 5 last year and it has made a huge difference.  It's more of a review then teaching new concepts.  They did a FANTASTIC job!

Are you as tired as me?


  1. Im going to love being able to follow this closely the whole year. thank you for the wonderful updates