September 13, 2012

The Recess Queen

All week we've been working with the Recess Queen.  That Mean Jean was not so friendly at the beginning of the story. This is what we did with the book!!

We did a character map and listed describing words.

The next day we talked about finding evidence in the book to prove our thinking (Common Core standard).  We brainstormed a list of describing words and came up with mean, rude, bully, bossy, Recess Queen, and nice. The kids worked in groups of three and each had a Post-It.  They had to PROVE IT to me.  They each found a place in the book where Mean Jean might have been mean, rude, a bully, bossy, or nice.  

We met back on the mat and each group had a chance to share what they found.  After I wrote each piece of evidence they told me if they found it by looking at the illustrations or the author's words.  I was so AMAZED that one student thought she was a bully by what she said to the kids!  She shared where Mean Jean said, "Say what?  Say who?  Say you?"  This lesson went so well and I was impressed with their conversations.

Everyone thought by the end of the story Mean Jean was nice so they also had to PROVE IT to me.

Now on to Writer's Workshop!  We've been practicing the workshop model and expectations during this time.  We've been working on opinions so the kids turned and talked on if they'd be friends with Mean Jean.  I modeled first and had the kids work on their illustrations.  This time is known as the Quiet 10.

We then met on the mat and I did a talk aloud about what I wanted to write.  I first stated my opinion and then gave one reason why I wouldn't be friends with her.

Then they were off to write.  I love that the majority of my class isn't worried about if a word is spelled correctly.  Here are a few examples.

One student wrote she would be friends with her because she would want to teach her the rules!!

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