September 19, 2012

Write About Something Near and Dear to Your Heart

Today for Writer's Workshop I read Wilfrid Gordan McDonald Partridge.  After the read aloud, I shared items I had that created different memories.

I included a painting, because I LOVE to paint.  Sea glass which reminded me of summers on the beach with my family.  A peppermint patty...not because ALL teachers LOVE chocolate but because my grandmother introduced these as being, "A DELICIOUS treat!"  A ladybug because I love to draw them and they bring good luck.  I had pictures of my last dog who was hit by a car (sad memory) and of my current dog who I LOVE!  I also had pics of my family, wedding, and a trip to Arizona.

After I shared my memories, the kids shared some they had.  After talking I had them head back to their seats and they each created a Heart Map.  This will be added to their writing folder so when they have the opportunity to free write they'll have topics they can write about.

I made this poster, which I found at The First Grade Parade.


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