September 10, 2012

This is our first week of school...5 days...of school!  Haha, and to start the week with no special.  The kids did well today and had an extra long recess to run and play.

Here's what we did today!

We interviewed Maddie and learned a lot more about her.

I introduced Read to Buddy.  Ask your child about EEKK. They loved saying it.  EEKK stands for "elbow, elbow, knee, knee."  This is how they should sit when reading with a buddy.  It was actually quite cute because some kids thought their elbows and knees had to be touching the entire time!!  The kids were timed for 3 minutes and could've spent more time reading books but we'll continue to build stamina this week.

I also read Those Shoes.  The boys really enjoyed this book. We talked about good book fits and brainstormed a list of how we know if a book is "just right," "too hard," and "too easy."

Keep checking back to see what our class is up to!

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