May 5, 2013

Adjective Work

Here's some of the adjective work we did last week.

I have SO many little artists in my room!!  I LOVE seeing how they grow and progress.  I mean more arms and legs attached to their heads.

We work all year on drawing and I even tell them at the beginning of the year that stick figures aren't allowed!  Of course it's said with a grin and they're eager to learn.

I HAVE to incorporate art into the lessons I create and teach.  If not, this would be one dull teacher!  At times it might look chaotic in my room with all the cutting, gluing, and sticky fingers but I LOVE seeing their creations.

Anyway...back to adjectives.  Kiddos created a self-portrait and then labeled adjectives around it.  Of course they had NO problem coming up with describing words.

We also did  some Popcorn Adjective work.  The kids ate some popcorn on Friday and we brainstormed a list of describing words.  Then they created their own popcorn boxes. 

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