May 8, 2013

World of Work Day at OTES

Today, the kids had the opportunity to go around and check out different job careers.  We had 6 engaging sessions.

First up, we had Martial Arts.  She did a great job showing the kids different types of moves.

Then we went to visit R2D2!!  The kids loved hearing the noises and how he was built.

Next up, we went to wood working and looked at some finished products.

Then we learned about health occupations.  Our gym teacher helped by using puppets to show us different careers.  Our principals, Ms. Tuell and Mr. Cyr, even joined in to help.

Some of the kiddos and their new friends.

The University of Maine swim coach talked about her job and brought in some of the items the swimmers use.

Last but not least, we finished up with a JetBlue pilot!!  He talked about his job and how a plane flies.  It even eased my fear about flying!!  Ok, not really...

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