May 20, 2013

Diary of the Saved Chick

So I thought I should share this heart felt, touching story of the chick I saved.  Yes, I'll take full credit and he has now been named Lyon!  This chick didn't belong to me but instead was Ms. Fogarty's. This was her first year hatching these adorable babes and she really went above and beyond in taking care of them and blogged about them regularly.

Her incubator had too much humidity and a few of her chicks weren't drying out as quickly as they should've.'s the story from the point of view of Lyon.


-Finally, after hours of work, I pecked a hole in this white egg that was all too small.
-I continued to work and was able to get a crack around the egg.
-After a day of pushing and trying to work my way out I realized I WAS stuck!  Was it because there was too much humidity?
-A gentle hand reached into the incubator and lifted me out. That's right, Mrs. Lyons, my HERO rescued me!
-I was placed in a dry, warm incubator and was able to work my way out.
-I stayed in the incubator for the night and Ms. Fogarty took me out on Saturday.
-My NEW name is Lyon and I'm healthy.

Mrs. Lyons (AKA Chick Whisperer) and Lyon