May 18, 2013

No Sew Teepee and I Made It in One Try

I'm not sure if any of you have seen this no sew teepee (AKA tepee or tipi) from The Handmade Home but I find it simply A-mazing!!

So what do you think I decided to do?  Of course, I decided to make one this weekend.  I think of myself as a pretty crafty person but I often jump into projects with no pre-planning.  Yup, I sort've just wing it and hope it comes out right.  Along the way there are usually some mishaps...not enough fabric, not the right size, not having all the materials, burning of fingers, put together completely wrong, and torn all apart only to begin again.  You get the picture.

Well, I went and bought some wood for the frame.  I thought wood was just expensive but my grandmother told me I got ripped off.  For 6 poles, which are 6 feet tall, it came to $30.  Not as cheap as I thought but maybe I just bought some REALLY special wood (I"ll just keep telling myself that).

For fabric, I bought colors that would match my room.  I went right to the marked down items and found many great patterns.

I began by putting the frame together.  I drilled holes at the top and tied them together with cord.  Of course I've NEVER made a teepee before so I just placed them until it had the right shape.

I cut fabric pieces and hot glued them to the wooden frame. I used MASS amounts of glue and even had to go back to the store today to buy more.  I just glued around the frame and added pieces as needed.

I'm quite impressed with how it came out (in ONE try) and can't wait to show the kids on Monday.  Oh, and you might be asking why did I decide to make this?  Well I plan on doing a camping theme in my room this week and was looking for a cute tent to add to my room.  They're REALLY expensive online so I thought I'd try to recreate one myself.

Here's how it looks.

As for how long it took...I put the frame together last night in no time at all.  The fabric took a few hours to get it cut and glued on just right.  Plus, I overloaded it with glue so it hopefully stays secure.  I'm hoping to collapse it and take it to school on Monday.  Fingers crossed it will hold up to 6 and 7 year olds.  Maybe I should reconsider...I could see it staying at my place!

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