November 24, 2014

Colonial Times

We have spent A LOT of time learning about the Colonial Period.

We began by learning more about the Mayflower.

Ms. Lolar, a kindergarten teacher, talked to the first grade classes about her Native American culture.  She brought in some baskets and moccasins to share with the kids.

We then learned what life was like back and how it wasn't easy. Students made diagrams of Colonial boys and girls.

And yes, I did have a boy color in his face green.  I think their colonial boy was a little sea sick!

For writing, students have to write their opinion on if they'd want to be a child during the Colonial Period.

Here are some writing samples (click to enlarge)!

We also completed a venn diagram comparing Colonial kids to kids now.

Phew, what a long post.  As you can see we've been quite busy.

Wishing you ALL a restful break spent with your family and friends. Here are 3 of us out of 5 first grade teachers wearing colonial hats.  I told them we looked REALLY tired and we needed tans.  It's been a loooong fall for us!!

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