November 18, 2014

I Tried to Look Away But Couldn't

Oh, first graders and those wiggly teeth!!  Students constantly putting their hands in their mouth, telling me their tooth is about to come out (when it's really not even close), and the tongues pushing the tooth out to show me how loose it REALLY is.

Well today was a first for me in ALL my years of teaching!!  Kavi came up to me today to tell me she had a loose tooth.  And...she was right. It was just hanging there by a thread.

Of course I cringed and tried to look away but I told her to grab a tissue and pull it out.  I thought she'd decide not to try but she pulled that tooth right out as the entire class looked on!

She was quite proud of herself and gave this toothless grin!!

Hopefully, the Tooth Fairy treats her right tonight knowing what a production it was today with the entire class watching.

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