October 27, 2015

Let the WILD Rumpus Begin!!

Library was today and I must tell you library day is a BIG deal for us teachers!!  We have more planning time and I copy and prep like crazy for the upcoming week.  Today, though, I got distracted and decided to decorate our door.  Oh yes, multi-tasking at it's best.  By the time I had to meet them for computer lab the majority of the work was done.

I wrote, Where the Wild Things Are and Enter if You Dare on the door.

I think this is how the rest of our week is going to look!!  The rest of the pics will be posted tomorrow.  But for now, enjoy these WILD THINGS (click the pic to enlarge).

They didn't even need to practice their Wild Thing look.

After reading, I Need My Monster, we drew and painted our very own monsters.

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