October 18, 2015

Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

We finished up pumpkins last week so let me share what we've done!

During Computer Lab, students wrote a pumpkin fact and made an illustration.  They also created a diagram where once again they couldn't use scissors.  Let me just say, they're getting pretty good at ripping paper!!

We also wrote the steps on "How to Carve a Pumpkin" and we actually carved a pumpkin.  His name is Pumpkin Jack and we're making observations each day on how he looks.  He wasn't looking so good Friday and the kids even noticed the beginning stages of mold.  They went around the room plugging their noises and saying, "Pee-yew!"  I think on Monday we'll have to part ways with him.

We finished up by creating some silly looking pumpkins.  This is one of my FAVORITE activities because it involves PAINT and ART!!  We began by tracing the shape of a pumpkin with white oil pastels on orange paper.  Then with yellow, orange, and red paint we painted and blended the colors together.

Once dry, they created their very own silly pumpkins.  Notice our sign though.  They liked the sound of "Crazy Pumpkins" instead.

A closer look...

We've already received SO many compliments on how great they look in the lobby.  They make everyone smile!

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