August 13, 2013

Classroom Pics

I love how clean my room is and everything is in it's place.  I'm sure it wont' look this great after the first week of school.  Here are a few pics!!  Click the picture and it will enlarge.

Pic 1: Where I store my craft supplies and word work materials. The kids complete Poetry Art in this area.
Pic 2: Organization Galore!!  I bought the plastic storage bins at Walmart.  This is where ALL of my Daily 5 materials are stored.  The kids also use Bookflix here.
Pic 3: Reading group materials and storage
Pic 4: NO more teacher's desk.  I got rid of it last year and couldn't be happier.  I NEVER sat at it and it only collected mounds of paper.
Pic 5: My teepee-I made it at the end of last year and the kids LOVED this reading nook.

Pic 1:  Where kiddos can complete math.  I've included Work on Math during Daily 5 time and will be doing a math workshop this year.  
Pic 2: Where kids sign in
Pic 3: Where kiddos Listen to Reading-It's so comfy with the pillows and yes I made them.  If I can do a straight stitch ANYONE can!
Pic 4: Our meeting place

Here are some pics of the start of my bulletin boards.  I ALWAYS create these with the kids as we complete lessons but I added my anchor charts.

More pics can be seen here Ode to Summah.

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