August 14, 2013

Staying Organized!

I'm one of those people who is OVERLY organized...even though at times it might look like complete chaos.  Everything has its place and should be easy to find!

Here is how I stay organized for instruction.  Click the pic and it will enlarge.

Pic 1:  Teacher's Toolbox-Best...thing...I've...ever...made...for my classroom!  I got rid of my teacher's desk and store all of my supplies here.  I absolutely LOVE IT.  I have FREE toolbox labels at my TpT Store.

Pic 2:  Subject Bins-I've seen some teachers use these as weekly bins.  I like to stay ahead of the game so I've labeled them by subject and as I photocopy I add my materials.

Pic 3:  Clear Storage Bins-This is where I organized ALL my Daily 5 materials by theme/month.

Pic 4:  Helpful Writing Tools-I bought 2 small plastic drawers and organized the writing materials my kiddos might need.  Instead of asking me they know right where to go.  I have extra pencils, date stamps, editing checklist, final draft books, extra paper, erasers, etc.

Pic 1:  Target Storage Cart-This was a bit expensive (and a pain to put together) but is one of the BEST purchases I've made for school. It's made of durable plastic and has held up well.  Each drawer holds my reading group materials.  The smaller drawers hold magic tape, markers, pens, letters, etc.

Pic 2:  Bins...bins...and more got to the point I had so many colors and styles I was just trying to give them away.  The white bins are labeled and store my picture books and craft supplies.  I store my listening center books in the blue bins below.

Pic 3:  Our Daily Schedule-I printed our schedule on cardstock and added magnets on the back.  Each day I can quickly change it and of course the kiddos like knowing what's coming next.

I can't wait to see other ideas for organization!!


  1. Ha! Yup! BINS!!!!

    I organize by subject rather than by week, too. I've tried by week, but for whatever reason that doesn't jive for me. :) I do have a wonderful teacher toolbox just like yours but have not put cutie labels on the drawers yet, mine just looks like a lame-o gray toolbox. Definitely on my to-do list! Thanks for sharing!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  2. I need to make my toolbox cute! It's still boring and dull! lol

    Ginger Snaps