August 16, 2013

Tips and Tricks

Here are my tips and tricks.

1.  Take the time to build a community and really get to know your kiddos.
2.  Set expectations.
3.  Stay in touch with parents.  I also try to contact parents on all the good things their kiddos are doing.
4.  Show your sense of humor.  Firsties are so LITERAL but by the end of the year they get my humor and can give it right back.
5.  Play music.  I love the sound of kids working and softly signing along to music.  Even though I often have those kid songs stuck in the head for the remainder of the day.
6.  Let them see your personality.  I'm ME in my classroom!!  What they see is what they get.  I have moments of meaning serious business, silliness, and forgetfulness.  It's good for kiddos to see no one is EVERY TIME I misplace something I JUST had in my hands.
7.  Try to breathe.  I know, it's go, go, go from the moment you walk into school but I try to take a 10 minute break at lunch to unwind.
8.  Complete lessons with the kiddos.  I often find myself writing, coloring, and completing work as they are.
9.  I created Daily 5 Desk strips which have helped greatly.  It makes the transition to Daily 5 SO much smoother.  They color in each one as it's completed so they know what they have left.

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