August 15, 2013

Taming the WILD!!

Here's how I TAME the wild!!  I began using a Class Store (The Lyons' Store of course) when I began as a third grade teacher and I decided to continue it in first.

Each kiddo gets a wallet with a license at the beginning of the year. They all start with $25.  Kiddos earn money for classroom jobs and following our school motto of, "Work hard and be kind."

They can also loose money for inappropriate behavior.

Throughout the week I keep track (which is some work) of who earned and lost money.  Friday is pay day.  Students who had a job get paid and the kiddos who lost money pay me.

The Lyons' Store opens once a month.  I buy most of my items at the Dollar Store and also ask for parents to donate items.

They really like this system and are able to practice counting money.  

At first I wasn't sure about this system because students should follow the rules, work hard, and be kind.  Right?  I often tell my classes I didn't get anything for being good in school.  They truly have to earn the money and I don't just freely hand it out for expected behavior.

Next up, a team member found this behavior chart.  I had made one last year (not as pretty) but will be using this one this year.  Here's the link A Sunny Day in First Grade.

Set high expectations, be consistent, have a routine yet have those moments where they can let loose.  We have moments when we get up and have 30 second dance parties!

I feel it's so important to create community and spend time getting to know your kiddos at the beginning of the year.  The majority WANT to please you and most of the time the rest will follow!

I can't wait to see other ideas for classroom management!

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  1. I *love* the idea of running a store! I might try that this year...what a great and practical way of "taming the wild" :P Thanks for sharing!!

    Fun With Firsties