September 25, 2013

Apple Orchard Picture Overload

So apparently I took A LOT of pictures (click on them to enlarge) of our field trip today but it's ALWAYS a blast.  There is so much to see and do at Treworgy Family Orchards.

We began with a tractor ride around the orchard.

Our first stop was the pumpkin patch where the kiddos picked a baby pumpkin.

Then we met up with some goats who ONLY wanted to eat.  I find them to be quite amusing with feisty personalities.  They kept head butting the kid's hands because they seemed to only want food. They weren't impressed with all the petting.

Up next...the barn.  We met up with a few more animals along the way and learned how to milk a goat.  Most were willing to try!!

Look at those faces!

We headed to the apple orchard and picked a juicy apple to taste.

Last up was the apple press.  The kids learned how apple cider is made and tried a sample.

I hope your child is sharing all he/she learned today!  Tomorrow they'll be writing about what they learned. 

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