September 16, 2013

Special Person and Apples

Meet Adriana!!

We've begun learning about apples and working in our Science Notebooks.  Kids had to write a sentence on what they already know about apples and they will write an, "I wonder."

We also began a science experiment.  They'll be recording their observations on two apples.  One has skin while the other doesn't.

I incorporate art ANY way I can!!  I feel kiddos need to create, cut, and glue.  Plus I ALWAYS loved art.  

I get the kids going every year when I tell them, "NO scissors for this project!!"  They created apple diagrams by tearing the paper.  I added labels to their diagrams and they labeled the major parts.  I absolutely LOVE how unique and individual that are.


  1. Jocelyn is very excited about the apple science project.

    1. So GLAD to hear!! The best part is they love touching how squishy the apple is.