September 5, 2013

More of Our First Week

Meet Grahm!!

Here are the kiddo's self portraits hanging in ABC Order.

We practiced Read to Self again today.  The kiddos have done a great job reading quietly in a comfy spot.  They have learned you can read the words and pictures.  Today, I taught them it's a good book fit if they can retell the story.  I read Wolf! and we completed a chart retelling the story.

I also introduced Writer's Workshop.  I plan on taking this VERY slowly.  We've focused on names this week so I had the kids write and decorate their name.  

I introduced my Rate Your Writing Poster.  Our focus today was making detailed illustrations.  We talked about each picture I drew and I wrote down what they noticed about each one.  

Then they looked at their decorated name and rated their work. Tomorrow they will write an opinion, stating if they like their name or not.

We also worked in our Math Notebooks and showed different ways to write the number 2.

I'm not sure about you but days seem to be a blur and I know I'm exhausted at the end of the day!

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