October 23, 2013

GOOFY Pumpkins!! Can You Spot Your Child?

After writing the steps on "How to Carve a Pumpkin," the kiddos each made their very own UNIQUE pumpkin.  I found the steps to this cute project at Deep Space Sparkle.

I painted with small groups while the rest of the class worked independently.  This way I could REALLY monitor the paint (Yikes, I didn't want it everywhere!) and I could show them how to blend the colors. They were so impressed with how pretty the colors looked.

Once dried, they cut and added their pumpkin faces.  I love how individual each one is.  They're now in the main lobby ready to greet anyone who comes in!

A student came up with the idea of placing the pumpkins in front of their faces.  These pictures had me laughing!!  Can you spot your pumpkin?

Teg (in the middle) even added braces to his pumpkin.  Look how straight those teeth are!

Here are Mrs. Lyons' GOOFY Pumpkins in the lobby.

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