October 31, 2013

Halloween Craze

OhHhhh, is anyone else barely awake, with glazed eyes this week? That's how I've been feeling but it's ALMOST Friday.  I'm just trying to survive the week of Halloween.  Oh and to top it all off, there's nothing like rain and inside recess to follow up after Halloween night!

Plus, staying up WAAAAY past my bedtime last night to watch the Red Sox's become World Champions has taken its toll!  Go Red Sox!!

I managed to watch the entire game and then didn't sleep well the rest of the night.  Who doesn't love looking at the clock at various times throughout the night?

But...when a kiddo walked in with this 50 piece bag of chocolate and told me it was ALL mine I thought if I needed it, the sugar rush just might get me through the day.  Of course he brought it in for the kiddos but told me I could have my fair share.

Glazed eyes and even holding the bag upside down...
Today was a pretty normal day for me (I mean us) but the kids were all a buzz talking about Halloween, costumes, candy...oh my.

Abbie brought the class these adorable spiders on pencils.

 We completed some Halloween I Spy work.

Have a FUN and SAFE night Trick or Treating!!

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