October 2, 2013


We've been learning about Squirrels this week.  After listening to informational books the kiddos filled in Squirrels Can, Have, Are.

They also made dreys, which are squirrel homes.  It is built in a tree with twigs and leaves.  We built our dreys using paper plates.

This week they'll be writing an informational book all about squirrels.

Next up, we'll be reading ALL the Scaredy Squirrel books which I LOVE!!  Students will follow directions to create their very own Scaredy Squirrel.  We'll also complete a Venn Diagram to compare a real squirrel to Scaredy.  


  1. I saw that you mentioned the Scaredy Squirrel books and thought, you might just get a kick out of this just released Halloween Public Service Announcement from Scaredy Squirrel and Kids Can Press (the publisher). It's a quick one-minute share of Top 3 Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating.
    Enjoy the video -- and the books!

    1. THANKS!! I'm going to check it out now. My kiddos LOVE the books just as much as I do!!