October 2, 2013

Teaming Up with 5th Grade

This year staff members are being teamed up to work together.

I'm working with Mrs. St. Peter, a 5th grade teacher.   Our classes are going to work on science and note booking.  Fifth graders learn about the seasons and why they occur.  We focus on apples, pumpkins, hibernation, and life cycles.

My kiddos are going to create Investigations which are two page informational spreads.  This is a FANTASTIC way to introduce nonfiction features.  We have focused on borders, diagrams, and bulleted lists.

They'll share the information they learned with the 5th graders.  They'll take the info they learned and create documents in Google Docs.  We'll then share the final product.

My class is SO excited to meet up with the "older kids."  They're taking a lot of pride in their work and are doing their best!!

Here are some Investigations on apples.

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