February 10, 2014

99th Day of School...Almost the 100th

So even though it's only the 99th day of school today we had our celebration, or should we say pre celebration!

Today would've been our 100th day if we hadn't had a snow day and since the first grade team had already planned our day we continued on with our schedule.

The kids rotated to each classroom to complete activities.  Ms. Fogarty had the students exercising, Miss O had 100 piece puzzles, Mrs. Anderson had stamping activities, Mrs. Berube had the kids string Fruit Loops, and I had students create portraits of what they'd look like at 100.

Of course I ALWAYS forget how much this activity entails.  With only 30 minutes, it's just NEVER enough time.  We worked right up until the last minute and their portraits were adorable.

Here are some of my students.  They don't look so bad for being 100!!

Before and After...
I do have a few small activities for students to complete tomorrow.  If you haven't tried the Oldster app you need to.

Here's my pic from last year.

I can't wait to see how nicely I've aged this year!  The kids always find these pictures to be a riot.

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