February 7, 2014

More on Narrative Writing and an Observation

This year I've worked hard on focusing my mini-lessons on my students' needs.  Instead of having set lessons, they change according to the needs of my classroom, small group, and individual needs.

After scoring their last assessments, I found that all students needed extra support in using capitalization correctly.

Our mini-lessons for the last two weeks have catered to this.  I've introduced where capitalization is used, they've listened to read alouds, added a class poster, and students are now using an edit checklist that focuses on this skill.  I love that they look to this poster during writing time.

This week they helped edit MY writing.  This was also the week that I had an observation and my principal joined in on my writing lesson. Of course I had my fingers crossed with everything going well and not letting my nerves get the best of me.

A conference Monday which mean't a sub in my room (you know what that means),  trying to get the class back to routine Tuesday, SNOW DAY Wednesday, and my observation Thursday.  YIKES!!

All I can say is she was impressed with how they managed the workshop model and everyone knew what they needed to be doing. My room was busily working and YES some kids did get off task. There was even a squabble over coloring and if it was scribbling or not.

That's first grade.  In my head I kept telling myself (instead of saying out loud in my teacher voice, "Get back to work now.") they're ONLY first graders and I'm quite AMAZED with what these little kiddos can do.

This is the lesson I completed.  We reviewed creating a story planner and adding labels.  Then I grabbed an edit checklist and we reviewed what needed capitalization.  I also introduced the editing mark this week.  I read my story and told them I needed help.

Teacher helpers came up to edit my work.

This lesson only lasted 10 minutes and they were off to write.

Here are the sheets I use during writing time if you'd like them for FREE!!

Narrative Writing


  1. Thanks for sharing your writing forms!! I have some kids in my class that need them:)
    Connie Anderson

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    2. You're welcome!! I plan on sharing my conferencing sheets soon but am still tweaking them to my liking.