February 13, 2014

A Winter Storm Watch and Recap of Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Today we celebrated just in case we have a snow day tomorrow.  Everyone else seems excited and ready to start vacation but I'd rather be at school.  It began snowing right after lunch recess.

A coworker sent me this today and told me I'd be the bottom pic tomorrow morning.  My reply to her was, "I hope you're not behind me on the interstate because that snow will come a flying off!"

I didn't capture many pics today because I was joining in on the celebration.  This is one of my FAVORITE holidays!!  Students LOVE giving cards and are so kind each other. 

We also completed some candy heart graphing.

Students had to write two sentences about the data they collected. The response above made me chuckle!!  

ShhHhh, I'm letting you in a little secret too.  Be sure to check the mail this week.  I'm hoping all of you receive some LOVE in the mail!!

I'll probably be the only one crossing my fingers tonight, hoping we'll have school tomorrow.  

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