February 10, 2014

Keep Flapping Flappy Bird

So are you into Flappy Bird?  I found this app a week ago and it was the FIRST game I put on my iPhone.  Let's just say at random moments I find myself flapping like Flappy hoping to beat my last score.  My high score tonight was 50!!

Is it an addiction when you hear yourself saying, "Just one more time and I'm done!"  Nah, I'm not there yet but I am finding that I've wasted time I'll never get back on a little bird trying to weave through green tubes.

Now, our class iPads are for educational purposes but I did put this on the for the kiddos to try at the end of the day.

Here's a FUNNY reenactment pic I captured today of what this game does to my class!  It has been quite funny watching their faces as they play.

Click to enlarge.

I'm sure this game will be deleted from my phone and the kids will grow tired of it soon but until then...keep flapping!

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