October 21, 2016

More on Writer's Workshop

Students have now been introduced to all 3 forms of writing-opinion, narrative, and informational.

We worked on narrative and informational writing this week.

After listening to a read aloud about dad we brainstormed activities we liked to do with our dads.  

I modeled my work and then they wrote.  I also introduced our Writer's Checklist (which is a FREEBIE at my TpT Store Writer's Editing Checklist).  They are now accountable for checking over their work before conferencing with me.

When we begin our spider unit I always start with the opinion piece, "Are you afraid of spiders?"  Of course I wrote I'm not because they're tiny but if I came across a BIG one I just might change my opinion.

They had great opinions.  For those not afraid of spiders they said spiders are tiny and small.  Kids who were afraid of them said they were big, they can bite, you might run into their webs, and the webs are gross.

We've worked so hard in writing and I'm so PROUD of their growth!