October 6, 2016

Reading Groups are in Full Swing

Reading groups are meeting on a regular basis now that we're into our routine.  While I'm meeting with a group the rest of the class is doing Daily 5.  Students are able to choose an activity to go to (read to self, read to a buddy, listen to books, word work, work on writing, work on math, and iPads).

I made some tables for my classroom so students have spots to work around the room.

Word Work Area
Listen to Books 
Work on Writing
Work on Math

They LOVE having options and the goal is for them to get to each one before the end of the week.

I do Guided Reading Plus with ALL of my reading groups.  I made this switch a couple of years ago. This is where students complete word work, a book walk through, and read a new book the first day. The books go home so they can practice with someone.  On the second day I complete a running record and they respond to their reading.

I have found this to be SO beneficial not just for my "striving" readers (learned that term from Lester Laminack) but also for my top readers.  I'm able to give more one on one direct instruction based on what each student needs in that moment.  We work on letter formation, spacing, using correct capitalization/punctuation, stretching words out, and use sound/letter boxes.  I've found by having each group write their writing improves greatly.

Here's an example of one groups writing.  Once they complete their writing I always give them a few minutes to create an illustration.

I'm OVERLY organized and everything has it's place.  Below is the form I use to keep track of my reading groups.  I check off when I meet with each group.  It's a great way to see at a quick glance who I've met with and who I need to see next.

I found the cart online at Target and this has been one of the best purchases I've made.  Each drawer holds the materials for each reading group and the supplies needed.

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