December 4, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The stockings have been hung, ornaments are up, and Christmas music is playing during work time...  My kids walked into the room and noticed ALL of the changes!!  I LOVE this time of year.

Have you been RACKED yet?  Our class is doing Random Acts of Classroom Kindness!!  I did this last year for the first time with my class and they LOVED it.  I might as well make this a tradition.  Each morning we open a bag and read the Random Act of Classroom Kindness.

On Monday, we picked up trash on our playground.  Today we gave a hug to someone who might have needed it.  I had a group of boys all hugging each other before lunch!

We've also begun learning about traditions.  I found this FANTASTIC resource at First Last.  The kids will be creating a scrapbook as we fly around the world learning about traditions.  I'm quite excited about teaching these lessons! 

Today we learned about traditions in the good ol' USA!  

Did you know...

In Alaska, colonial doorways are decorated with pineapple.  This is a symbol of hospitality.
In Massachusetts, carol singing festivities are famous.
In Washington D.C., a HUGE tree is lit when the Presidents turns on the tree lights.
In Hawaii, Christmas starts with the arrival of the Christmas Tree Ship.  Santa Claus also arrives by boat.
In California, Santa surfs!

From First Last

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